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Where are the spots that the thieves can hide the radioactive items and embezzle out of the facility??

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sharpas facility

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Greeting !

eL800 is small & agile digital learning agency that create innovative and impacful training solutions for major corporations, By implementing the latest animation and AR/VR tools to help your employees realize their full potential. we are the new generation of instructional designers who fully embrace the digital revolution of corporate learning and we don't conform to old text-laden training stereotypes.

Why choose Elearning800 ?

We have the necessary and advance academic training & experience >
  • All of our staff have minimum of 10 years in the learning & development field.
  • Broad experience working in various key industries: Healthcare, InfoTech, Retail, Governmental Agencies.
  • Our experience includes successfully developed several world-class training modules for FORTUNE 100 companies such as INTEL, AMAZON, APPLE that were deployed in many countries with audience over 10,000 learners.
  • We can produce very high quality, attractive, engaging and interactive training modules for your staffs at affordable rates, so they fully realize their full potentials = higher bottomline for your company!