Behind the flashy and color full contents are core psychologically-based learning theories that we use to design our contents. These are established and tested methodologies that have been proven effective and practical for the past two decades. The demographics of your target audience, learning styles, learning process and different modalities of delivery are carefully considered to build result-driven learning contents. Some of the main theories that we use as the fundamental framework of our process to create effective learning contents are

  • A.D.D.I.E
  • KirkPatrick 4 Learning Model
  • Gagne 9 Conditions of Learning
  • Successive Approximation Model (S.A.M.)
blended learning method
blended learning method
addie model

  • Accessing Business Goals
  • Conducting Need Analysis
  • Identifying Knowledge Gap(s)
  • Developing Learning Objectives
Key deliverables:

> Training Plan

> Training Need Analysis

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blended learning teaching methods

  • Identifying instructional design strategy
  • Selecting appropriate delivery method
  • Determining training structure
  • Establish evaluation methodology
  • Developing storyboards and media
Key deliverables:

> High level design documents

> Storyboards

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blended learning method

  • Creating prototype(s)
  • Developing training materials
  • Completing tabletop review
  • Running a training pilot session
Key deliverables:

> Course materials

> Assesment instruments

> Guides/job aids

> Course schedule

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blended learning teaching methods

  • Establishing training schedule
  • Prepare training materials
  • Prepare trainers for delivery
  • Notify and enrolling learners
  • Launching the course
Key deliverables:

> Participant assessments

> Feedback forms

> Attendance forms

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blended learning teaching methods

    Should be an ongoing activites throughout the ADDIE phase
  • Collecting training evaluation data
  • Reviewing traning effectiveness
  • Assessing project performance
  • Reporting performance result
Key deliverables:

> Program evaluation report

> Project evaluation report

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