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AT&T Sales Training ( VPN, EPLS )

Project Over view

AT&T project represent one of my largest and high profile work. My materials are being used to train AT&T advance technical VPN ( Virtual Private network) sales/consultants. Most works involve converting static PDF written materias and diagram using Lectora x.6

Please see some below.

Lectora x.6 features:

  • adding sound to objects, setting lenght of object's visibility on the scene to match audio/narration length.
  • Redesigning background theme and user's interface
  • Action used: roll over for pop-up windows.
  • make the static diagrams come alive by using customized Flash animation, built separately in Flash CS4 & actionscript 3.0
  • design various customed images and objects.
  • setting quiz ( multiple choice/ drag & link ) with SCORM 1.2 compliance check.
Content Flow
Adv. Assessment
3party Network: Introduction

For the first set, the intro page & 3 pages show the linkage between pages for the navigation buttons ( inheritance feature) . Sample pages ( many of the back/next buttons are not functional.)

  • Module 4 : interactive chart
End to End Services

This curriculum incorporates the following to help sales members effectively develop winning bids in the Sourcing space:

  • Module 1: page 3: Sales Team Diagram
  • Business knowledge and skills
  • Operations knowledge and skills
  • Technical knowledge and skills
End to End Services: Transition Services.

A static diagram has been improved with interactive animation sequences to promote interaction and retention.

  • Intro: Client Challenge
  • Module 4: page 5/20:Pre-work Diagram
  • Module 4: page 8