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Trauma Informed Care

This short-certification program ( the 3 courses listed here) introduces the trauma of Human-trafficking and the importance of trauma-informed approach. The subject matter experts are the top 20 Dignity HealthCare psychologists who contributed their knowledge and experience to produce the core contents for this course. The audience are the 60.000+ doctors, nurses and therapists in the Dignity + CommonSpirit Healthcare network

Articulate 360 Features:

  • All advance animation are produced exclusively within Articulate Storyline tools to ensure simple edits ( without the needs of another external sofwares such as Adobe Animate CC)
  • This project represents my most complex and advance textual animation works produced directcly in Articulate 360.

[ Note: this is demo mode only, most contents have been removed/shuffled due to confidentiality clause of the project. You will see only a few sample slides. Feel free to use the scroller to move/advance forward 3:30min long ]

Content Flow
Adv. Assessment
Adv. Text Animation
  • PEARR steps is the key clinical approach to deal with the several types of traumatic abuses.
  • PEARR steps has been developed in order to guide health professionals on how to provide trauma-informed victim assistance in health care settings.

    It is based on a universal education approach in which patients are educated about violence prior to, or in lieu of, being screened with questions.

Human Trafficking 101
  • This is an introduction courses for health care professionals to the issue of Human-Trafficking.
  • Human trafficking, or trafficking in persons, is a particular type of violence that is pervasive yet widely misunderstood. In order to prevent this crime and respond to affected patients, the health care staffs must first understand it and implement the proper approaches ( PEARR & Trauma Inform Care) to assist the patients/vicitims.