an overview of the international legal framework for nuclear security

This is probably the largest scale project I've been involved with - interfacing among three major global organizations- OakRidge Nuclear Research Center, DTRA (Defense threat Reduction Agency (a subagency under the Dept of Defense ) and IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency.) This course is designed to provide learners with an overview of the international legal framework for nuclear security; identify the legally binding primary international instruments and the internationally accepted non-binding instruments that constitute the framework; and provide an overview of the IAEA’s roles with regard to facilitating adherence to and national implementation of the international legal instruments.

Audience: all stakeholders involved in nuclear security: policy-makers, legislators, regulated users or licensees, national nuclear regulatory bodies and other Competent Authorities, Intelligence Agencies, emergency preparedness and response agencies, Security Agencies, Response Personnel, Law Enforcement agencies, Border control, customs and immigration agencies, Facility Operators and Carriers, and other national governmental organizations with related responsibilities.

Tools: Adobe Captivate 9.0, complete Adobe Creative Design suite


  • Extensive implementation of Flash animation to promote ease of understanding and make the plain topics more interesting and engaging.
  • Implementation of advance Flash to explain complex topics.
  • Smart usage of high-light and roll over features in Captivate.
  • Next buttons are timed so that each button will activate only after all narration has fully played.

[ Note: this is demo mode only, most contents have been removed due to confidentiality clause of the project. You will see only a few sample slides.]

Content Flow
Adv. Assessment
IAEA Publication Process

These are various complex diagrams that were redesigned to better illustrate the processees or buildings that were poorly built and difficult to understand

Sherpas LAB-Hypothetical Nuclear Facility

This hypothetical nuclear facility, contains all the necessary buildings for nuclear research, was created to simulate various scenarios ( eg. safety protocol, theft-prevention, access) for the learners. An overview of preventive and protective measures against insider threats. After completing the course, learners will have a clear understanding of the importance of addressing the insider threat. Learners will know how to characterize insiders, understand the difference between a preventive and protective measure, and what constitutes a preventive or protective measure.

RadioActive Portable Detector

This hand-held detector is the main line of detection against smuggled radioactive materials ( eg. uranium") These machined have been donated to several IAEA members, especially poorer nations like Afganistan, Pakistan. They are widely deployed in all border crossing in Ukrain from 2015-2018.

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