IHOP ( International House of Pancake)

Every Guest Every Time Module

The objective of this introductory ( 1 of 3 ) module is to improve the servers/waiters quality of services. The main purpose is to present the key features ( Articulate Storyline 3 ) and advance animation ( Adobe Animate CC 2) being implemented in the project.


  • Generous application of Adobe Animate CC animations to engage learners with fun interactive exercises and enhance distinct variation of designs for different sections.
  • "Find the signs of Detection" has been re built to be more visually interesting and include more interactivity.
  • " Journey Map" enliven the lobby map into a semi-3D environment ( isometric perspective) , with sequential fun animation showing each stages of guests' experience. ( the artwork are also reused for gamification exercise, to provide 2nd round experience to promote better retention

[ Note: this is demo mode only, most contents have been removed due to confidentiality clause of the project. You will see few sample non-contiguous slides.]

All contents were developed for Apple Ipad & Tablets implementation.

Burger Menu & UpSell Training

is is a standard e-learning module for the Burger menu ( food ingredients) and upsell tips. We promote and encourage more interaction ( more click to advance to next section) from learners by breaking the materials into smaller sections so they can explore at their own pace..

Try the Interactive Menu yourself >

Check Identification Card Animation
Island Theme -Navigation menu:

To alleviate the stress from taking the tough ( all food menu) quiz, we came up with a fun Carribean island theme.. as to symbolize the waiters' journey to reach the goal - "the treasure island of knowledge. The feedback had been very positive and the passing score percentage had increased by 25% from the previous format. All animations were created using multiple tools: Photoshop/Illustrator then animated in Adobe Animate CC 2017

Try the Interactive Menu yourself >

(Quiz) Salad & Burger Coompletion
The IHOP Server Simulation game

This game was built to promote the simulation of the most common requests from the customers, based on the survey conducted with over 50 sampling restaurants across the country. And of course- to add the fun factor to the scenarios that are actually quite stressful to the servers. Developed in Adobe Animate CC 2017, using external JQuery and Bootstrap + javascript library ( optimize for tablet play.)

Step 1: Enter your name

Step 2: use the arrow key to navigate to get to your customer desk before they complain

Step 3: Select the right answer

Service Game