Project Overview

With the installation of the new 12 million dollars CERNER system, the T&D team at Keck Medical center is implementing blend training to train over top 200 physicians and over 1500 nurses. Most of the materials are WBT and screen -captured with Adobe Captivate 5.5 and Camtasia for mobile delivery as well.

[ *CERNER is the comprehensive medical management system where doctors and nurses can set appoint and enter/edit/retrieve all pertinent information about patients system-wide.)

Please see some below.

Production High-lights:

  • screen-capturing of over 50 hrs training materials.
  • adding sound to an object, setting lenght of object's visibility on the scene to match audio/narration length.
  • Extensive voice & narration editing using Adobe Audition
Content Flow
Adv. Assessment
Secondary Interface-Golf theme-for Physician ( prototype)

Some of the physicians suggested to build the 'unconventional" interface into development stage. Tthe golf theme with final destination as the 9th hole, subtly enhance the training with more interesting flair to the otherwise dry training module.

Ambulatory Summary , Point of Care


Conversion: to MP4. Built with Camtasia 7.1

  • Since the video and voice were recorded separately, extensive voice editing was done ( using Adobe Audition) to assure the mouse motion matched perfectly.
  • Generous application of high-lights notation have been added to emphasize the discussed areas.
Introductory to . Built with Adobe Captivate 5.5

Susan' patient care VDO

Mobile Device Implementation

For selected testers, we developed a pilot section which the videoes are converted to alternate format for mobile device viewing:

  • HTML 5 (webM) for Firefox 9+: non-Flash VDO, does not support IE)
  • Ipad optimized version: ( you must have Safari browser to view)