"Learning Assets:"

Background images, graphic design, diagram, characters design

Humans are visual learners

The old adage ” a picture is worth a thousand words” echoes through the ages, especially in today's e-learning technology. Latest neuroscience confirms that the human’s visual cortex is the largest part of the brain and the most active. Through the millennia, our visual cortext has been tuned to capture various shapes and colors both close and far distance. Only in the past few hundred years since the invention of the Gutenberg’s print press that the general public has accessed to written text en mass.

People prefers viewing diagrams/images than reading

But our brain interprets text poorly. To facilitate learning, easy-to-read fonts with good contrasting color to the background, smart usage of good cohesive color palettes, beautiful diagrams, clear and sharp images greatly enhance retention-that’s the ultimate goal of your training isn’t it? We produce high-impact background images for your e-learning course slides, expressive cartoon characters that promote relationship building and make your courses more accessible. I can also produce custom character and images for your unique requirement. Please contact us for more details.