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Mindfulness can help to higher level of focus & awareness

Multiple recent researches have linked Mindfulness practices to a staggering collection of possible health benefits- better focus and thus better learning results. Meditation has surged in popularity in recent years, from a fringe interest to a mainstream trend championed by therapists, scientists, and celebrities.

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TOP companies take good care of their employees.

While We were working for APPLE, We were fascinated by how much APPLE invests in taking care the well-being of their employees. They offer discounted healthy meals, free gym and the most interesting one- mediation break. There were several small meditation rooms in most of the major offices that 2-4 people could come in ‘mentally reset’ for 30 min at a time.
It is no surprise to anyone that when an employee is stressed out ( whether from work or personal issues, which we all do sometime,) he/she is distracted and unable to fully learn or worst function at their 100% capacity. Meditation and mindfulness is APPLE’s preventative measure to promote their employee’s well-being and the organization benefits directly from this critical investme

Upcoming New Mindfulness Training

We are currently attending The Positive Psychology & Mindfulness certification courses with an estimated completion date of Fall 2022. We will offer online courses via video conferences on Stress management using Mindfulnesss & meditation practices. We will post new updates and my research papers here by early 2022.